Training Course (Morel commercial cultivation technology training from Sichuan Morel Research Institute)

As a global leader in Morel industry, we announced to the world by Chinese state television (CCTV) that we have made great achievements in the field of artificial cultivation of morels.Before, we guide and train a number of domestic farmers, now, we intend to open the international market and train overseas base.We welcome you to participate in the course and join our system.


Our company will hold the "Morel Artificial Planting Technology Training Course ". The course will be taught by the famous Chinese Morchella Expert from Sichuan Morel Research Institute.
1.    training period 
every month
2.    Training object
This training is for foreign Morchella growers (Commercial cultivation) and Morchella lovers.
3.    Address
Company headquarters: 12F, Deyang radio and television building,
songhuajiang north road,deyang,Sichuan,China
(we will pick you up at Chengdu shuangliu international airport)

if you can not come, we can also provide online course for you.
4.    class schedule
day 1 
Students report, greet dinner
Day 2
Morchella industry status and artificial cultivation history (Mr.gramin)
Artificial cultivation of Morchella market prospects and development direction (Mr.gramin)
Biological characteristics and life history of Morchella (Professor)
Day 3
Cultivation Pattern of Morchella and Selection of Cultivation Site (Mr.wen)
Morel cultivation techniques operating key points (Mr.wen)
Day 4 
Visit Morchella plantation base and live teaching cultivation method. (Mr.wen and Mr.Chen)
Day 5 
Morchella nutrition bag production technology 
Day 6 
Morchella original seed production technology (B course students) 
5.    cost
A class:   (grow but not teach how to make seeds, you need to buy seeds from us)
B class:   ( seeds making technology)
The above charges do not include round-trip airfare and accommodation. (Accommodation costs about 25USD/ day)
A class suitable for Morchella lovers and test planting, due to nutrient bag weight and it’s air freight is more expensive, so A class is not suitable for large-scale commercial planting. After growing success, and then expand the scale of planting, then buy B course, is a relatively good plan.
B class is based on A class but add the original seeds production technology. It’s a full set of technology transfer, the future does not need to purchase our original seeds.

6.    Organizers

The birthplace of morel artificial cultivation

Sichuan Morel Research Institute

ADD: 12F, Deyang radio and television building, songhuajiang north road,deyang,Sichuan,China

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