Morchella Planting Process

Morchella Planting Process

Note: This technical summary report is based on the experience of most farmers in China from 2019 to 2020.

一、Core process


二、some detailed process

1. Determine planting date and prepare planting plan

Determine the best seeding date,best sowing date when temperature drops to 10-15 degrees.We need to prepare the land and seeds one month before the sowing date and be fully prepared.

Tips: mycelium grows quickly at 18-20 degrees, and it quickly grows older when over 25 degrees. It is easy to die when above 30 degrees. It goes to sleep below 5 degrees, and it will not die even below -20 degrees.


Morchella Planting Process616.png

This is the temperature curve in Chengdu,farmers usually plant in October.

2. Land preparation: tillage, land disinfection

Time: One month before sowing

land disinfection:Use quicklime. Dosage needs to be estimated based on pH.

Sun exposure, use sun sterilization.

3. Preparing seeds

Buy the seeds, or prepare the seeds yourself. The seeds need to be cultivated in the laboratory for 20-30 days, and the cultivation temperature is about 18 degrees, not more than 20 degrees.

 Morchella Planting Process1090.png

4,Building a sunshade net shed

Time: one or two weeks before sowing.

Tips:In some northern areas, a layer of thermal insulation film was added because of the cold,with this method, ventilation is required at noon in hot weather days.

 Morchella Planting Process1324.png

5,Water the land ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

 Morchella Planting Process3028.png


Tips: One of the main points of the mushrooming is to determine the mushrooming time, remove the film, ************************************************************************************************************************ mushroom formation will be significantly enhanced.

 Morchella Planting Process4441.png


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