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These mushrooms are edible for most people, and the larger species are a popular wild food where they occur. They include the largest mushroom in the world, Termitomyces titanicus of West Africa and Zambia, whose cap reaches 1 metre (3 ft) in diameter. These fungi grow on ‘combs’ which are formed from the termites’ excreta, dominated by tough woody fragments. Termitomyces was circumscribed by Roger Heim in 1942.[4]

From 1955 to 1969 Arthur French [5] worked in Uganda (as a hobby) on the subject of fungi and termites. Some scientific literature about these fungal species existed previously, but these texts failed to adequately discuss the relationship between termites and their fungal symbiotes, while the various edible varieties were merely termed “termite mushrooms.” French conducted some investigations with the help of the elderly Baganda women who gathered termite mushrooms, and published his findings.

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