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latest news: 2018 fresh morels season begins

2018 fresh morel season begins

2018 fresh morel season begins

Morchella,morel, wholesaler,morchella wholesale,morels wholesale,wholesale morchella price good

Morchella, morel wholesale,wholesaler,morchella wholesale,morels wholesale,wholesale morchella price good

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Morel is a rare wild mushroom, Late spring to early autumn growing at about an altitude of 2,000 to 3,000 meters in the mixed coniferous broad-leaved forest.

what is morel mushroom?

morel mushroom is a widely distributed edible fungus that has a brown oval or pointed fruiting body with an irregular honeycombed surface bearing the spores.


Morchella,Morchella wholesale,wholesale morels,morel wholesale good price

morel mushrooms grade standards

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Morel morchella mushroom grade standards

Morel morchella mushroom grade standards

AAAAA best morel mushrooms

AAAA grade morel mushrooms

AAA grade morel mushrooms

AA grade morel mushrooms

A  grade morel mushrooms

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: ( can OEM )

Small bags: 50g,200g,300g,500g,1kg,3kg,etc
Bulk package:10-20kg/carton with plastic bag inside

Morchella, morel wholesaler,morchella wholesale,morels wholesale,wholesale morchella price good

Delivery Detail:

Within 15 Days

morel wholesale Description
Morchella is also called morel; it is full of nutritious with nice taste and it is also considered one of the safest wild mushrooms to pick for the table, as there are no poisonous species that closely resemble it.
Morchella has a varity of efficacy such as nourishing, benefical digestion, digest food and ,reduce phlegm and so on. It could be used to treat spleen and weakness kidney, indigestion, shortness of breath, excessive phlegm, health and beauty, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and so on.
Soaked in warm water for 2-5 minutes with little salt, wash for making soup, stewed chicken or meat, or fried vegetarian.

 morel wholesale Packing
Small bags:100g, 200g,300g,1kg,3kg/according to custom’s requirment.
Bulk package:10kg/carton with plastic bag inside.
Carton Size:56cm*42cm*52cm/can be customized
morel wholesale Shipping
1)Samples to be shipped by express courier,like EMS,DHL,etc.
2)By sea for big order, by air for small order. Both decided by customers’ requests and the order quantity. (FUL/LCL)
3)20-30days on the basis of prepayment and final quantity.
4)Terms of Shipment:FOB,CFR,CIF./Also can be negotiate.
5)Payment :T/T;L/C;D/P/Also can be negotiate.

more about shipping, please visit
Our service
1) You can choose any models at this website and write to us,and then we will send samples by express courier like DHL, FedEx or others.
2)Delivery time: 3 days for samples and about one week for bulk orders.
3)OEM accepted. You can offer your design and we will produce as required.
4)Your visits to our factory welcomed.


Place of production: DEYANG, SICHUAN, CHINA 618000

In Deyang Jingyang thousand acres of rare mushroom cultivation base, withTermitomyces, Clitocybe maxima, morel, abalone and other types of mushroom products. The base to achieve an annual production value of nearly 20 million yuan for local farmers’ income has opened up a new road.It is understood that the base was built in 2013, has now developed more than 1,000 acres from the rare mushroom cultivation, by the end of 2014, annual production value of nearly 20 million. Recently, the base is listed as Deyang City Branch SIPO, Jingyang Technology Bureau innovation demonstration base, the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture as a demonstration garden vegetable basket project standardization demonstration bases.According to the person in charge, their products are flown to the North Canton area sales, the future will be the company + farmers model, build 400 acres of rare edible fungus production base, organic vegetables reached 5,000 acres of agricultural output reached 10,000 tons, sales income of 300 billion yuan, profits of 40 million yuan, led 4000 farmers’ income, annual income of $ 50,000, at the same time promote the development of packaging, cold chain transportation and other related industries, the annual 10 million tons of straw utilization, effectively improve the local ecological environment and soil structure.

Vernacular Names

  • Bulgarian: Смръчкула
  • Cassubian: Przëdatny mùrchel
  • Czech: Smrz Jedly · Smrž obecný
  • Dutch: Gewone morielje · Morielje
  • English: common morel · Morel
  • Finnish: Pallohuhtasieni
  • French: Morille Blonde · Morille Brune · Morille Comestible · Morille Vulgaire
  • FYRO Macedonian: Смрчка
  • German: Rundmorchel · Speise Morchel · Speisemorchel
  • Italian: Spongiola · Spugnola Comune · Spugnola Gialla · Tripetto
  • Japanese: Amigasa Take · アミガサタケ
  • Lithuanian: Valgomasis briedžiukas
  • Norwegian: Rundmorkel
  • Polish: Smardz Jadalny
  • Russian: Smorčok Nastojaščij · сморчок настоящий · Сморчок съедобный
  • Slovak: Smrčok jedlý
  • Slovene: Mavrah
  • Spanish: Cagarria · Colmenilla · Gallarda · Rabassola
  • Swedish: Rund toppmurkla
  • Turkish: Kuzugöbeği
  • Ukrainian: Зморшок їстівний

We are, quite simply, mushroom experts. We source our wild mushrooms from all around the world. Our small team of employees are focused on providing our customers with the highest quality mushrooms.
We have developed a tempting range of dried mushrooms including morels, shiitake, trompette and other exciting and exotic varieties.
Dried Morel mushrooms are tasty and wholesome. They are low in energy, fat and sodium whilst high in water and fibre , as well as being the source of many important vitamins and minerals.
We are passionate about mushrooms and we’re always happy to hear from our customers. We also like to share recipes and cooking tips , so do let us know your interesting wild mushroom ideas!

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Where to find morel mushrooms? The distribution of morel mushrooms, research from morel wholesaler

Mainly in Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Shanxi, Jilin, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Hebei, Beijing and other regions. Europe (France and Germany), North America (United States), Asia, India and other places also have a large distribution

morel mushrooms global market demand

morel global market demand

morel global market demand

why are morels so rare and expensive?

Those of you that do find your morels are getting an amazing deal. these elusive mushrooms can fetch as much as $100 lb –  and that’s if you can find them in stores at all! they are on the menus of most high end restaurants, but they are probably not on the shelves at your local grocery store.

what makes morel mushrooms so rare is the fact that are almost impossible to grow and that they don’t seem to pop up with any predictability.

How To Clean And Cook Morel Mushrooms

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All our products are non-GMO morchella mushrooms

one of my customers asked whether our products are GMO or non-GMO, We declare that our products are non-GMO. In fact, we do not have the ability to master the transgenic technology.