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Edible mushrooms are edible fungus. Edible mushrooms including collected and cultivated. It may grow on wood, parasitic on other organisms, surface or underground. Easy to grow or collect edible mushrooms can often be purchased in the market. Some mushrooms are more difficult to obtain (such as truffles and matsutake) can only get by collection, small amount.

edible mushrooms history

Human eat the edible mushrooms has a long history,  Chile found edible mushrooms in the archaeological site dating back 13,000 years, More conclusive evidence is that people began to use edible mushrooms in China hundreds of years BC, Chinese people use mushrooms as a food (mushrooms, fungus) and drug (Cordyceps sinensis, Lingzhi) at the same time . The ancient Greeks and Romans also eat edible mushroom, especially the upper class. Roman emperors have someone to try to eat the food to ensure safety.  Because the edible mushrooms are easy to dry and storage, so in many places they are important winter food stocks. Many cultures will use magic mushrooms as a religious and medical purposes.


Edible mushrooms, only a small part of commercial cultivation and sale. Commercial cultivation is important to ecological conservation. Commercial sales but still not cultivated species are vulnerable to extinction.

common edible mushrooms varieties

common edible mushrooms varieties

common edible mushrooms varieties

edible mushrooms nutritional value

button mushrooms  will substantially increase their vitamin D levels after sun exposure. This is because the button mushrooms can convert ergosterol to vitamin D2 when irradiated with ultraviolet light.


Some types of mushroom toxic or unable to digest be eaten raw, but can be eaten after cooking,  remove toxins with mushroom itself and prevent bacterial or parasitic contamination. Many edible mushrooms can be stored dry, when using first soaked or boiled to recovery. soak mushroom water can also be used, but if the bottom part have sand should to be drained. Mushroom cooking mode can be boiled, fried, grilled, fried, boiled, pickled, etc., or make soups, sauces, salads.

edible mushrooms Medicinal effects

In folk medicine, some mushrooms are considered to have medicinal effects, the main example of this is in Asia, especially Chinese medicine system. Many mushrooms still accept verification of modern Western medicine, Therefore generally not be sold as a drug in other areas (such as the US)

Some Chinese medicine commonly used medicinal mushrooms are gradually accepted modern medical research, mostly still in the elementary stage of cell lines, animal and human trials. The current study has shown that some mushrooms extract has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, pain, cancer, cardiovascular and hypoglycemic effects, Some, such as polysaccharide K , polysaccharides peptide , lentinan, have already put into medical use in some Asian countries.

edible mushrooms Commercial production

China is the world’s largest edible mushrooms commercial producer.

2011 INTERNATIONAL edible mushroom production

Canada 78930 TON   The percentage of total production 1.03
China 5008850 TON   The percentage of total production 65.1
France 115 669 TON   The percentage of total production 1.50
Italy 761 858 TON   The percentage of total production 9.90
Netherlands 304000 TON   The percentage of total production 3.95
Poland 198 235 TON   The percentage of total production 2.57
Spain 127,000  TON   The percentage of total production 1.65
United States 390 902  TON   The percentage of total production 5.08
Other 713 329  TON   The percentage of total production 9.27
Worldwide 7698773 TON   The percentage of total production 100