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The following is from WIKI.

Potential pharmacology

Cordycepin, a compound isolated from the caterpillar fungus

Cordyceps have a long history of use in traditional medicine. One of the earliest clear records is a Tibetan medical text authored by Zurkhar Nyamnyi Dorje in the 15th century outlining the tonic propensities of Yartsa gunbu (Cordyceps sinensis renamed now to Ophiocordyceps sinensis), especially as an aphrodisiac.[2]Although there are often-repeated claims of thousands of years of use in traditional Chinese medicine, so far no clear textual source has surfaced.

Although in vitro and animal models provide preliminary support for some of the traditional medicinal uses, there are no clinical studies demonstrating health benefits in humans or for “elderly populations, improved sexual drive and virility” and “improved renal function”.[11] Some polysaccharide components and cordycepin, which have some anticancer activity in preliminary in vitro and animal studies,[12] have been isolated from C. militaris.


The price of Cordyceps sinensis on the Tibetan Plateau rose dramatically by 900% between 1998 and 2008, or an annual average of over 20%. However, the value of large-sized caterpillar fungus has increased more dramatically than smaller size Cordyceps, regarded as lower quality.[13] In parts of eastern Asia (such as China), the Cordyceps fungus are rare and worth high prices.