R-248 rutile titanium dioxide

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product info R-248 rutile titanium dioxide

R-248 rutile titanium dioxide is a maximum-durability grade of titanium dioxide recommended for all applications that require extended outdoor service life. The high opacity strength and bluish undertone of R248 provides the best flexibility in matching existing color tint formulas, and produces clean, bright color, it’s extensively used in plastic industry especially mastrbatches and engineering plastic industry.

Applications R-248 rutile titanium dioxide

highly loaded thermoplastic masterbatches

General purpose polyolefin masterbatches

Powder coatings

Engineering plastic

General purpose polystyrene and ABS injection and blow molding

Rigid and flexible PVC

Liquid color

Properties R-248 rutile titanium dioxide

Superior weather resistance

Outstanding properties in molding and extrusion resins

Excellent opacity and bluish undertone

Very high dispersibility in plasticized vinyl, plasticizers, and liquids

Flocculation resistance

High gloss retention

Product Characteristics R-248 rutile titanium dioxide

TiO2 content %——————————–≥95.0

Brightness %———————————-≥95.0

Volatile at 105 °C—————————≤0.8


Oil absorption———————————≤19

Residue on sieve (45 um)———————–≤0.02

Tinting strength Reynolds number—————≥1850

Rutile content———————————≥96


Specific resistance Om————————-≤80

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