F-1600 Triplex Single Acting Mud Pump For Oil Drilling

F-1600 Triplex Single Acting mud pump

For Oil Drilling

F-1600 mud pump is one of the important of the drilling fittings for oil drilling field.The research and development, manufacture, heat treatment, assembly of the F series mud pump are all made by our own. It completely conforms to the standard API spec 7 k, and it is popular among the broad masses of customers at home and abroad and praise.


1.Pressure containing parts are forged with 4130: Pressure containing parts such as Discharge Pipe, Six Way, Pulsation Dampener are forged with 4130 Low-Temperature Resistance Alloy Steel, very neat looking with strong pressure bearing ability.The pulsation dampener was solid forged and fabricated with CNC machining.It has precise inside chamber size with surface roughness 6.3, increase the life span of the bladder.

2.Gears and pinion shafts on drive end have been special treatedThe teeth face has been treated with advanced aero technics,the formation of layer of file tooth surface of the film 0.1~0.2mm.It improved the tooth surface hardness,increase 30% of life span.

3.The crank shafts are assembled with forged partsThe Crank Shaft are assembled with forged parts, increase the mechanical performance, than cast steel crankshaft weight more than 20%, improve the dynamic balance of the Crank Shaft, decrease the vibration and noise during drilling,improve the life span of the Mud Pump.

4.Modules Valve Seat Bore-hole has been shot blastedAfter NC machining and Roller milling, the Modules Valve Seat Bore-hole has been also shot blasted, built a 0.1~0.3mm hardened surface layer, increase the abrasion performance, 30% of life span extension.

F-1600 high pressure mud pump for oil drilling

 Triplex Single Acting Mud Pump

 Triplex Single Acting Mud Pump

 Triplex Single Acting Mud Pump

 Triplex Single Acting Mud Pump

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