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MINDE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO.LTD was set up in 2012 in SICHUAN CHINA .The registered capital is 1 million yuan. Companies operating areas: import and export trade. Main markets: Asian, Middle, Euro, and America.

The company is export-oriented professional import and export trading company,which has sound facilities, system and equipment both in hardware and software, and first-rate import & export management system and business system. There are several professional personnel engaged in foreign trade operations and management.

Our company is mainly in charge of the products export business of our direct productive enterprises. With the advanced international technology, the company provides foreign investors with perfect products and services, such as the construction for productive enterprises, improvement of the quality of export products management, guidance and promotion of the products of productive enterprises to the international market. And company offers a full range of services in every stage of products for productive enterprises Warmly welcome export productive enterprises to incorporate with our company.

Our group:


MINDE HK was founded in the year of 2012, it is registered by the goverment of HONG KONG. MINDE HK is the window of our group. Hongkong is an international trade center, logistics and Finance center in asia. We use these advantages to expand our business.

In the past years, we have exported goods to more than 50 countries.


1panda morel is the global leader in Morchella industry,we have our morel base of over 2000 acres  and had exported to dozens of countries.